Chaos Constructions is not just a demoparty or a computer exhibition. We want to put on display as many different aspects of computer art as possible, may it be music, video, coding or something else. But what's most important, we unite in one party the people who create, and the people for whom it's all is being created.

Soon this page will be slowly filled with seminar topics, music band names, etc. So stay tuned!


Chaos Constructions is open to suggestions: whether you wish to share your knowledge in the information security field, hold a video mapping workshop, show how to compose music for ZX Spectrum or how to make a board game, etc. - we are willing to give you the floor.

If you want to participate as a speaker, write us.


All kinds of music starting with chiptune, all the way up to folk. Live sets are held during the breaks between compos. If you want to participate, please send us an application on vtcd@mail.ruDon't forget to include your contact information, a short description of what you do, and your technical rider.



The young electronic project of Alexander Soborov. Having two releases, live sets in different cities of Russia and participating in several foreign chiptune battles he proves himself to be high quality.


Dreamwave from Saint Petersburg. Music consisting of feelings and thoughts, with the ambiance of night. The project has one full album and several singles, regular live sets, internet popularity.

Marshall Art

8bit, post-rock. Russian-Canadian duet, where one builds 8bit castles (Geoffrey 'jmr' Roberts), and another ruins them with a post-rock guitar (Mikhail 'streifig' Ivanov).


Igor Ryakov writes chiptune\8bit music, using GameBoy DMG - 01 and LSDJ exclusively. During this 2 years he managed to record #SEAWAYS release and perform on one stage with Bondage Fairies and Pompeya. Happy tunes on high speed - you definitely won't be bored!


Gamejam, a realtime game creation challenge, starts on the first day of the party, once the theme is announced. More details on the competitions page!

The compo is held by a well-known Russian gamejam organizer


For the first time on Chaos Constructions we have decided to hold BYOB (bring your own beamer) event. This is how an international community which organizes projection exhibitions is called. The idea is very simple - you bring your own beamer and show your work, done with any technology on any surface in the public space of the club.
As a result it is a beautiful video installations exhibition where every artist can speak and even have a dialogue with another artist. If you want to participate or have any questions, please write us on