Chaos Constructions 2014 is over!

15 years. August 29-31. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The annual international festival of computer art Chaos Constructions is over. In 2014 we were celebrating its’ 15th anniversary nonstop for 2 days. The event which traditionally is held in Saint Petersburg and now for the second time in A2, was visited by more than 500 people, many of those competing in more than 20 competitions for animation, music, graphics and programming. Winners were decided by visitors using the electronic voting.

Productions and results can be seen on the site and on the official ftp of the Festival.

Apart from the competitions there also was an exhibition of retrocomputers, modern devices, and DIY devices on the Festival. Steam engine with dynamo and USB, rare game consoles, virtual reality helmets, unique game system with a vector graphics monitor Vectrex, Mindstorm robot supplied by Gamebrick museum and many more.

More than 10 seminars were held on different topics, starting from information security, to IT trade union, to reviews on modern use of programmable microcalculators and OS/2 eComStation. Also a unique device SID-Blaster/ZX, which combines the advantages of Commodore and ZX Spectrum in sound processing, was presented.

Last but not least, live sets which have already became a tradition of Chaos Constructions. This year Marshall Art, Gamegate, GearX2, Twistboy and other musicians helped us getting some rest from the competitions.

Needless to say, we would not be able to hold a real IT festival without help of our partners and sponsors. Comfortel supplied the Festival with Internet access and network equipment., the developer of the famous World of Tanks and our general sponsor held a special speedpainting competition, where the visitors gladly took part. Linux Center & Linux Format helped creating the prize fund.

In one line

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Next year we have an anniversary, too. See you at Chaos Constructions 2015!